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  Aquadrive CV Axles improve 34 ft. Navy boat

The new U.S. Navy 34 ft. high-speed patrol boats now utilize Aquadrive CV – constant velocity axles. The first few boats installed truck type U joint driveshafts. The U joints restricted the engine placement and contributed to the vibration and noise. Aquadrive CV joints eliminated the precise alignment demands required by universal joints and reduced the vibration and noise. Machinery placement, vessel performance, and stability were also improved. In 2007, the CV axles were tested, approved and installed on more than twenty of the new U.S. Navy 34 ft. water jet boats and are now standard equipment. SeaArk Marine designed and will build 29 additional boats, beginning in August of 2008. These 34 ft. patrol boats are used by the U.S. Navy Seals and are deployed worldwide.

Aquadrive products always reduce vibration and noise levels in every type of marine propulsion system. The rolling action of the internal balls in the plunging CV joints enables the use of more effective engine mounts. The engine can now float freely and in every direction. Only Aquadrive CV joints operate smoothly with different or changing angles at each end. Other driveshafts, like U joint types, require identical angles at each end and do not float axially once torque is applied. They never rotate at true constant velocity so their fluctuations introduce additional vibration and noise.

The Aquadrive Anti-Vibration System provides more machinery placement flexibility while lowering the decibel levels. A quieter vessel is harder to hear. A stealthier boat is better, safer, and more effective.

Aquadrive products, application engineering and service are provided by the Marine Transmission Center, a division of Mack Boring and Parts Company.

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