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Aquadrive System

Aquadrive systems reduce noise by transferring the load of the propeller to the hull so that the engine can sit on soft vibration-absorbing mounts.

In traditional engine installations, the engine must be very precisely aligned to the propeller shaft. The thrust of the propeller has to be absorbed by the engine and its mounts. These restrictions demand very stiff mounts that transmit high levels of vibration to the hull. Vibration becomes noise.

The Aquadrive anti-vibration system eliminates the need for stiff, hard mounts and for careful engine alignment to the propeller shaft. Instead, the propeller shaft is aligned to an Aquadrive thrust bearing that is attached directly to a structural member of the hull. The thrust bearing absorbs the entire propeller thrust and stabilizes alignment. Constant velocity (CV) joint shafts transmit engine power to the thrust - bearing and propeller shaft while allowing the engine to move in any direction. Super-soft Aquadrive engine mounts isolate nearly all vibration from the hull.

Engine Mounts
Aquadrive's steel-hooded mounts are much softer than almost anything else manufactured, and are fully captive to keep the engine in place even if the vessel turns over.

Pre-machined gearbox coupling kits allow trouble-free coupling to almost any marine gearbox transmission. All exposed fasteners are made of high-grade stainless steel.

Constant velocity (CV) joints allow the shaft to connect the engine and the main propeller shaft at an angle. The rolling action of the balls within in the CV joints absorbs all axial and radial loads.

Thrust bearing
The thrust bearing is mounted directly into a structural member in the hull allowing the propeller to push the boat and not the engine.

Aquadrive offers a variety of systems designed for propeller shaft driven boats from 5 to 1500 horsepower.

Aquadrive Systems for Other Propulsion Applications

Stern Drive
Some boats perform better and have improved layouts by REMOTE MOUNTING the engine from the stern drives. The Aquadrive CVT systems offer unique engineering, which allows variable angles at end. Compared to U-joint driveshafts, CV axles absorb vibration instead of increasing it.


  • Carolina Classic Volvo 28 Twin, Volvo 25 Single
  • Albemarle (older models) 200+ built Albemarle 27 twin
  • Jersey City Master Marine 28 24 - Yanmar to Mercruiser
  • Zodiac - RIB 24 Volvo Diesel to Stern Drive
  • Remote V-Drive
    Only CV joints can permit uneven or compound angles between the engine and REMOTE MOUNTED V-DRIVE gearbox. Other driveshafts require identical angles on each joint and their angles can not change. Aquadrive's CV joint technology allows movements and misalignment in every direction. Unlike U joints, there is no driveshaft vibration and increased design flexibility.

  • Boomer DDC 1200 HP 65 Ft. Malcolm L. Pettegrow, Inc. - Jeff Dickes, Designer
  • Magpie - Lyman Morse MAN 1200 HP
  • Cape Horn Trawlers
  • Hunt 80' - New England Boatworks under construction 3412 1200 HP CAT
  • Chris Hood - Wasque - 26
  • Waterjet
    Aquadrive CV tubular driveshafts offer the best technology to connect engines to waterjets. The unique misalignment and vibration absorbing capabilities of Aquadrive CV joints provide design improvements. Vibration and noise are reduced, and machinery arrangements and propulsion system reliability are improved

  • U.S. Navy 30 Ft. R.I.B.
  • U. S. Navy 10 Meter R.I.B.
  • Hinckley 36 Picnic Boat, Hinckley 40 Jet Boat, Hinckley 44 Jet Boat
  • All Ted Hood Whisper Jet Boats WJ 36, 38, 40, 44, 52 and 55 models.
  • Zodiac 30 Ft. R.I.B.
  • Nautica 24 R.I.B.
  • Winninghoff Aluminum Jet Boats.
  • State of Vermont Ferry - American Shipyard Corporation, John W. Gilbert Associates, Inc. , Designers
  • Aquadrive Product Manual (PDF*)

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